How germs spread

Before going on the internet or You Tube get parental permission first!
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What Can You Do?

Germs are so small you cannot even see them. So how can you protect yourself from them? Your skin does that for you. As long as your skin is intact and does not have any cuts you are in good shape. But then how do people get sick? If germs don't go through your skin, how do they get in? Well, the mouth, nose or eyes. These are moist (wet) pathways into your body where germs can grow and hurt you. Have you seen anyone rub their eyes, yawn and put their hand to their mouth, or rub their nose? Well if they had germs on their hands they just transferred them to their body. To stop that all they had to do was wash their hands. That is why washing your hands is so important. Think about it. Someone accidentally spreads their germs around, and you accidentally pick them up (because no one would do that on purpose), and touch your eyes, nose or mouth. You have just infected yourself. The important thing to do is wash your hands. And pay attention to people around you.
    On this page are three links to 3 short videos you may find interesting. They are by the Mythbusters. The Mythbusters are two guys who take myths or urban legends and bust them, or prove them wrong. The first video is about going to a party if someone just has a cold...just a runny nose, no big deal. The second is about how far does a sneeze actually travel? Do you know? And the last one is about how you should cover your mouth when you sneeze. Is one way better than another? These videos will probably change the way you think about germs spreading and the best way to stop that. 

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